How to Make Money for Christmas

How to Make Money for Christmas

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Do you need to make money this Christmas Season?

I know that time is winding down and Christmas will be arriving before you have a chance to look up.  Well, it’s not too late to make money for Christmas.  Here are a few ways that you could deposit some money into your savings account during the most wonderful time of year and beyond…straight into 2017!

Write An Ebook. 

What is your field of expertise.  Have you been holding onto some really valuable information that you would be willing to share with others.  Maybe the wealth of information that you have stored somewhere deep within your spirit can be a true blessing to someone else.  Why not pen it to paper and share what may have the potential to be life altering.  All you have to do is download OpenOffice and start writing.  Use Canva to create a really nice cover for your ebook.  Save it in a PDF and then sell it on your site.  If you need a shopping cart to sell your ebook I recommend using Paypal.  It is easy to use or you can also use Easy Digital Downloads which is a great platform for accepting funds and it makes your customer’s shopping experience smooth and easy.

Sell Some Old Unused Items Stored in Your Attic.

If you have jewelry, perhaps a few books or anything that may be of some value to someone else and you know you’re never going to use these items again, why not sell them and put some green into your pockets.  Some great selling platforms that you can use is Etsy and Shopify or you can create and design your own blog and sell your items there.

Create and Design a Personalized Santa Letter.

Now this can be a lot of fun.  If you like to write then this may be ideal for you.  I did this one year and it was a huge success.  The only difference between the traditional personalized Santa letter and my letter was that my letter was from Jesus and Santa.  All you have to do is generate a letter in the form of a poem, add the child’s name and age and you’ve got a great little business for yourself.  You can do this every year if you decide it’s something you enjoy doing.  I also wrote Cupcakes for Jesus which has also been a great big hit with families.

The list above is a sure way for you to make money during the Christmas Season.

Make moneyI hope that this little list of how to make money helps you to achieve your money making goals and dreams.  It can be highly rewarding and beyond fulfilling when you’re giving your heart to bless someone else. As I love to say, the possibilities for making money, and a lot of it, is endless and your potential unlimited.



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