How to Make Money from Home

How to Make Money Working from Home in Comfort

Women are brilliant beings.  They possess the uncanny ability to start, grow and do amazing things and making money is no different.  


Entrepreneurs are those brilliant people who have the awesome ability to make money through and by their thought process.  Entrepreneurs truly have the midas touch.  And while money is not always at the helm or the reason for starting a business, it does come into the scope of being a business owner.  Let's face it and let's be honest, making money is primarily the reason most people start their own businesses amongst other things.


I believe that if you start a business doing something that you absolutely love you will enjoy phenomenal success in every aspect of your business which can be from helping people solve problems or selling a product to make people's lives a whole lot easier.  When your heart and mind are focused on being a help to people because it is what you love to do, then you can best believe that the money will come.

Why You Should Work for You!

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There are many lucrative businesses in the work-from-home arena moms and women have started simply because more and more women want to work for themselves.  They want to have and enjoy the freedom that comes from being an entrepreneur along with the flexibility it gives them.  Women want to be in control of their own money.  They want to make their own money without ever having to worry about their salaries being capped because someone tells them that their skill set is only worth $30,000 a year.  Let's see now, $30,000 a year is the minimal salary that you can receive for getting out of your bed 5 days a week, driving to work, working 8 hours a day, limited to using your gifts, talents, skills and abilities, being somewhat stressed if not a whole lot stressed, dealing with office politics, getting an annual raise of 1% year after year.  I can understand and this may make sense for a whole lot of people who may not know anything any differently, but for the women entrepreneur who has been equipped with a brilliant mind, beyond gifted, super talented, highly skilled and clothed with great abilities, this is not the answer to living a rich lifestyle and not just rich in terms of money being rich in being fulfilled overall.  For the amazing entrepreneur this is not an option because entrepreneurs have the magnificence to build an awesome and highly successful and profitable work from business.  Entrepreneurs possess the knowledge, wisdom, understanding and patience that comes  from the fire that burns deep within that cannot be extinguished ever.


I am reminded of this whenever I think of WordPress.  My goodness, WordPress is probably one of the most complicated website platforms I have ever tried to use or so I thought until I was able to master this brilliant work of art.  It was like a light popped on and I was hooked.  I had tried building several of my websites using WordPress.  I designed my own headers/banners and buttons for my website which was easy to install, but when it came to static pages, plugins, settings, menus and widgets, forget it, I was lost.  I would then shut down my websites and head on over to Weebly which was super easy to use, but I wasn't crazy about their templates so here I go again, right back to WordPress.  WordPress wouldn't let me rest.  I'd go back again and again until one day, it all just came to me.  It all flowed and I've been using WordPress every since.  I had this passion, this burning inside that wouldn't let me rest and I'm glad because I enjoy being challenged and learning new and great things.  WordPress is a lesson all by itself.  If you ever decide to try it you will see what I mean and if you're already using WordPress then you  may know what I'm talking about.

How to Make Money from Home Typing and Transcribing


If you're on an entrepreneurial journey and you're searching for that terrific work from home business that you can work anytime you want and enjoy all the freedom and have all the flexibility you want and/or need, then a secretarial or typing business may be the perfect work from home business for you.  If you can type 30 wpm (words per minute) and you enjoy typing or perhaps transcribing this is a fantastic way to make a lot of money working from home.  

When I first started working from home, I started my own typing and transcribing business.  I was typing dissertations for grad students in addition to resumes, cover letters, follow-up letters and more.  I also incorporated transcribing into my business, medical transcription to be exact.  I typed for gastroenterology and hematology/oncology departments at the local hospital near my home.  I transcribed medical reports, pre-op notes and more. I also had a certificate in medical terminology which helped in transcribing medical reports because you must know how to spell all those medical terms that doctors use.  I found it to be really easy for me because I enjoyed it, for a short while at least.  If you can type and you have a computer, a fax, typing paper and a telephone you could open the doors to your own typing business right this very moment.  All you need is a flier, run it off and make about 100 copies and post them on college campuses, libraries, in your neighborhood or anywhere people frequent on a daily basis. You can easily charge $25-40 an hour for typing and transcribing.  I have a book of marketing tools that have proved to be a great success for my typing business.  You can get it here if you decide you want to start your own typing business.   

Now Is the Time

If you want to work from home and make a lot of money doing something you enjoy doing, then it's time to think about making your goals and dreams come to full circle so that you can start using your God-given gifts in a way that pleases God and fulfills your life. So why not give yourself the gift of entrepreneurial ship.  You have it so why not use it.  It will change your life.  Now is the time.

Written by Cynthia G. Boyer