Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

A Spirit of Greatness


As women I believe we all possess an entrepreneurial spirit.  We all have goals and dreams we’d love to see come full circle.  

In your spirit there is a spark; an entrepreneurial spark that has the potential to ignite in you your God-given gifts, talents and passion.  A spark that will empower you to soar beyond your greatest imagination.

If you have yet to step out in faith in God and start that business you’ve been dreaming of using those precious and unique gifts from our Heavenly Father, today is a new day.  Today, it’s time to spend time with God and listen to His voice.  It’s time to spend moments in His presence so that He can speak to you like no one else will ever speak to you.  It’s time for you to be attentive to His words and to begin your Spirit-led journey.  It’s time to share with the world all that God has for you.  It’s time to walk in your purpose cleaving unto the Lord thy God, following Him and walking in all His ways for your life and your business.  Be bold, strong and courageous and you shall soar.  You’ve been equipped with great gifts and it’s time to unwrap your gifts and use them for God’s glory.  Your life will be forever changed.