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Most people go into business for themselves for numerous and different reasons. I started my business simply because I am passionate about creating, designing and writing. I  cannot put into words the feeling that envelopes me when I begin to write a beautiful real-life short story. Whenever I write a heartfelt poem warmth sinks deep into my spirit and I have to tell you when I create a Vincent Vangoh like masterpiece (in my mind anyway) it becomes the therapy and peace I love and welcome. That’s when I know the Holy Spirit is clearly speaking to me just like now as I’m writing this post. When He speaks to my heart and tells me the colors to piece together I’m on a whole new planet in a world all by myself. I can’t explain it really. So starting my own business has been birthed from the gifts God gave me along with the desire to be my own boss without having a salary cap I would have to agree to if I worked for someone else. My gifts and skill set are priceless and because countless opportunities are always being presented to me I will always walk the path of unlimited potentiality which means I will always make money. 

Now anyone can have in place one to seven streams of income but what is the reason behind these multiple streams?  Ok. Let me explain exactly what I mean. My son is the owner of a conglomerate; Boyer Acquisitions  and under his empire’s umbrella are multiple businesses. Many of those businesses I founded and own. I have about ten business. Three of those businesses are strictly to be a blessing in my efforts to help and bless other.  My other businesses have been setup to have money flowing into my businesses from the ocean of my unlimited potential. Now in being completely honest some of my businesses are making pennies with the great potential to make thousands and then my other business have me in a completely different tax bracket to the tune of I never ever have to worry about money for the rest of my life. Now if you have three streams or seven streams of income it’s fine. It just depends on whether seven streams versus three streams of income works. Three streams of income could be that the money is consistently flowing in but not in large sums or vice versa. Now seven streams may be sending you large quantities of money but just from two or three of your business. I don’t think it matters if you have three or seven streams of income flowing into you. What matters here is that you’re making the kind or amount of money you need to keep your life and your business afloat and well managed and maintained on a rock solid super strong foundation built on the word of God. What’s also important here is that you use your gifts and skill set to bring glory to God. Be thankful unto Him and bless His holy name. He is going to give you the power to get wealth. Be passionate about your passion. Don’t ever give up. If things appear to be slow just stay consistent and watch your business take off!  I’ve been there and I’m still working and living what I’m doing; this right here. Helping and hopefully being a blessing to you all. I give God glory!!!