Bless Your Brand

Be Brilliant in Business!

God has blessed and gifted you beyond the depth of your knowledge.  Do you know that fully utilizing your gifts can really change every aspect of your life and business. Bless your brand and encourage yourself.

We all need to be passionate where our gifts are concerned and thankful for having been given a plethora of presents that have the awesome ability to transform our current positions.

Let me tell you, when this website was hacked I thought I would just let it rest because I just could not figure out how to get it back on its path.  I called Bluehost and even they were baffled.  Finally, after leaving Safari, I headed over to Firefox.  It was then that I was able to begin writing new posts because I could not do one single thing with this website.  I was a little discouraged, but you know something, everything I try to do for the Lord, the Enemy tries to attack, but I just keep pressing on and working to ensure that I continue sharing what I have encountered and endured in my life that has positioned me where I am right at this very moment with all of you and my oh my, it makes me sharing all of this priceless information more than worthwhile.  Believe me when I tell you.  I want to remind you that your mistakes in business are lessons in business.  I even call them blessings because there is always something learned as you live.  And if you have yet to start your business, why not treat yourself and give yourself one of the best Christmas gifts ever.  Unwrap your gift and wear it.  I promise you will shine and God will get the glory He alone so richly deserves.

To God be all the glory!