The Mahogany Desk

A Christian Woman in Business’ Office


The Mahogany Desk

The Mahogany Desk is rich in beauty.  This gorgeous masterpiece carefully constructed, serves as a reminder that you possess an abundance of wealth and riches.

In your office, your work space, a place designated by you where you commute to every day, be it from your bedroom or kitchen, the atmosphere is warm, welcoming and inviting. Your space is away from all the distractions that can easily prevent you from building your empire. In your office there is a sense of oneness with God, It is comfort for you because you are passionate about using your God-given gifts and you have such strong faith in God.


Overflow of inspiration, confidence, motivation, determination, brilliance, magnificence, abundance and prosperity is poured out into your work space every day helping you to create new products, building your brand so that you will always be and remain number one in your field.

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