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Tell Her Vision is about changing lives through the visions of other female entrepreneurs. My goal is to help other women to connect and then learn from other entrepreneurs. 


When beauty and the Face was born 12 years ago it started out as a blog in the World Wide Web because I so wanted to share my dark facial mark and excessively dry skin journey with women who suffer from the same skin conditions as I. 

Desperately trying to achieve the desired look of hydrated and moisturized skin that I knew was possible I began blogging about the different beauty products I tried and which ones worked and which ones were just okay. Because my skin is drier than the Maharishi desert and more sensitive than my feelings, I knew this was something other women would love to learn about.  I never would have thought in a thousand years that it would become an amazing skin changing, fiber glowing line of skincare products women love and continually use over and over again. Can you say elated!  

With my flagship body butter I simply call luxury in a jar I have struck oil because it truly does soften your skin making it feel like pure cotton. This golden blend of various butters and essential oils is a love-filled marriage in a 4 oz jar that is rich and luxurious. 


One day when I was sitting in the room with my mother watching television a strange feeling hit my back just under my right shoulder blade. At first I thought it was just an itch until it hit me like a ton of sharp knives the second time. I leaped up and asked my son to look at my back. Of course he didn't see anything but I knew something was there and something was definitely wrong. I was scratching until my other half got home from work. I immediately had him do an examination on my back and he informed me that my back was swollen and beet red. I decided to do some research and was amazed that I found out that I had this condition called, .......I have no idea where this came from but after reading about it I was so upset because I read that this condition can be debilitating. Well I read that cortisone was good for it so I asked him to go to rite aid for me to buy cortisone to help relieve the strange feeling, pain and itch. He went, came back and rubbed the cortisone cream on my back and it burned me like crazy. I washed it off and decided to put my body butter on my back. Instant relief. I was amazed shocked and grateful. 

Since using my body butter on my back I only experience the pain slightly every once in a blue moon. I'm not saying that my formula heals medical conditions but I am saying that the pure and natural ingredients I use make a sensational butter for your skin. 



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