Passion and Pursuit

Do What I Did

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Passion and Pursuit.  It’s who we are. 


I found my niche and started a business because I was burning up inside.  I love to write.  Passionate about it.  I love to design.  Passionate about it…deeply, wholeheartedly and sincerely passionate about writing and designing.  I love it.  I create and design all of my own designs for just about anything I need for my business. 


I wrote down my goals.  I created my own flyer.  I designed my own website.  I wrote all the content.  I offered a service and product and now I am living the life I never thought I’d live.  The possibilities have been endless.  My joy abundant.  The money comes and flows and I am passionate about everything that I do everyday. 

You may be wondering and now asking, was it easy.  Well, I have to say it wasn’t hard.  I did some exploring and discovered that I had this great gift God had given me.  It was when I heeded His voice that my life changed.  It changed because I no longer have to work for someone else.  I can do things my way.  I designed my own program.  I created all the things that I thought my business would need to make it profitable and highly successful.  Of course, I did some research where my business is concerned, but I pieced it altogether with God’s helps, His wisdom and His principles. Utilizing these components and incorporating them into my business has made all the difference in the world.

If you are passionate about something and you want to start a business and experience all the goodness of being one of God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs, I urge and encourage you to do what I did and just get started mapping out your plan for your business.  I promise you it will be the best decision of your career.  The possibilities are endless, the joy is abundant, the people can be difficult (LOLLLL) and God is awesome!  What more can I say.  Just do it!  You will be thanking God for the rest of your days!



Never Stop Trying


Passion and Pursuit is what some dreams are made of.  If you have a consuming desire and deep-seeded passion that you want to pursue, whether it is a gift from God or something you discovered through God’s awesome Holy Spirit, you can pursue and make this passion, which often becomes a dream, a reality by faith through the Almighty Word of God.
The enduring presence of God’s Holy Spirit guides and directs our footsteps on the straight and narrow path of righteousness.   The indwelling of God’s Holy Spirit is the gift we receive when we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and oh so sweet Savior.
The Holy Spirit nourishes our being with a deep-seeded passion putting us on fire to do great things in the Name of the Lord. We read, meditate and apply the passage of scripture that says, I can do all things through Christ Jesus Who strengthens me.
With faith in God, our focus becomes working towards achieving our many goals, but with Him by our side.  We believe that above and beyond has become the norm and that we have the power, the strength and the knowledge to obtain creativity that guides us onto the path that leads us to be brilliant entrepreneurs and to do extraordinary things for and in the name of the Lord and then, for ourselves.
Our talents, gifts and abilities, are the gifts that are Graciously and lovingly bestowed upon us from the Precious Heart of Jesus our Christ. 
  • We are equipped with God’s love.
  • We are empowered with God’s Word.
  • We illuminate from the Light of the World.
  • We delight ourselves in the Lord.
  • We commit everything to Him.
  • Our true desire is to know the Word of God.
  • Our true desire is to make our dreams come to fruition.
  • Our true desire is filled with passion and
  • our passion tells us to pursue our dreams.


 God is Sovereign and Immutable, and His Eternal Presence is our strength and our hope that gives us our Passion and Pursuit.