Still Stuck?

Not For Another Nano Second!

It’s March 2017, soon to be April 2017.  Are you still having trouble moving into the next phase of your business?  As Entrepreneurs, not only should you be adding new chapters to your book as you tell and share your story about your entrepreneurial journey, but you should be adding new steps to your own unique and personalized ladder every month. This is your season to enjoy great success.  Every month you should be writing new thank you’s in your journal for having been gifted with amazing and phenomenal!

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 Let’s Work Towards Getting You Out of Stuck Now!

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re stuck in the same place as you were December 31, 2016, then it is imperative that you apply a few new business changing elements to ensure you never find yourself stuck again. Let’s get you moving into the flow of making exciting happen even if it’s just a little everyday.

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Think about all the things you are doing that are not working for you. Let’s scan and purge all files and notes. If they are not serving you well or at all, then delete them or you can store them in your archives if you think you may need to refer to them later at some point during your entrepreneurial journey. Yes. You are on a life altering g journey swimming the sea of unlimited potentiality.


You need to continue making a daily list of things to do. Write down your goals and as you work towards achieving them remember that you’re running a marathon. Not a sprint. Take your time just simply trusting and believing that you will attain your goals. Enjoy learning new things that will challenge you.  You will prosper.  You’re on the pathway to learning new things about yourself as you dive into growing your business a little more than the day before. This is how you learn to really appreciate using all that God gives you because all the things you are implementing into your business makes you think and say to yourself, “Wow this lesson that I just learned is phenomenal brilliant!” It will also help to boost your business and illuminate your brand.

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Be thankful and sincerely grateful for the awesome business woman you have become. You’re wise. Intelligent. Brilliant. Proficient. Talented. Skilled and gifted. You demonstrate excellence in all aspects of your business. Take your God gifted tools and use them to your advantage, always with thoughts of being a help and blessing to others. There are blessings in blessing others but remember to do it from the heart.  If one of your many goals is to make money, then you will need to incorporate the above to manifest rows of money in fields of abundance.  If you want to continually grow money then you it is imperative that you water your fields and watch your harvest come in by simply using your gifts and skills and pour your passion into your business as you plant seeds to fulfill your every dream wish and goal.

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There are countless ways to make money if this is your goal. You are resources and for those in need you are support. Here are some fantastic ways for you to make additional money to supplement what you already have:

Write an ebook and share that valuable information stored in the treasure chest of your heart and don’t be afraid that someone may steal your idea. No worries. God will protect all that He’s given you to share. Remember He’s faithful. Just think of the feeling that will encompass just knowing that you are sincerely being a help to others.

  • Give a free coaching session even if you’re not a coach because you really are a coach.
  • Create, design and sell a product that can help to bless and or perhaps transform a soul.
  • Teach a class.
  • Give a webinar. 
  • Create your own brand of tee shirts.
  • Make jewelry at your dining room table.  Gather some girlfriends together and ask them to help you. 
  • Design gift baskets as give-always.
  • Open an Etsy shop.
  • Start a blog that you can attach to your website.
  • Join affiliate programs that will allow money to stream into your life and business.
  • Write a monthly newsletter and offer to add something of great value to your audience.

These are just some business building tips that you can use to grow and prosper your business and promises to bring more money flowing into your business.  Think positively.  Encourage yourself. Give God thanks and believe that you can do all things through Christ.  Go on now and move that mountain.  You are powerful!

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