Show You the Way to Go!

Show You the Way To Go, Written by Cynthia Travick Boyer

Reading and writing; wisdom and knowledge; power and fulfillment all equal

Many of our sons, our youth and young men love the game of basketball. I
must say, like a lot of things, the game of b-ball has come a long way –
always exciting with plenty of thrills, the NBA stars consistently
demonstrate their skills on the parkay floors—from dunks to fancy
moves—these stars love the game as much as the fans love the game. Many of
our youth honestly believe that basketball is a way out of a tough
situation simply because of the money it offers and the opportunities it
provides, but because the standards of the NBA are so high, it seems almost
nearly impossible for even a great player to make it into this dream of an

Hope, dedication, hard work and commitment simply are not enough for one to
make it into this phenomenal one-of-a-kind league. Though many have had and
those that continue to play enjoy enormous and great success as they wow
and thrill the fans in every game they play. These skilled, talented and
seasoned basketball players bring a certain ambiance to the game; but we
cannot forget to give recognition to the players that come off the bench to
fill in where the “stars” have left their expertise in the high score of
the game; they, too, are just as important to the team as are the stars of
the team. They, too, deserve to be given an opportunity to display their
creativity, to become better players and to have the chance to improve
their games simply by playing the game.

The game of basketball is exciting, entertaining and fun to watch; playing
it is the same….

Like life, basketball can be fun, exciting, entertaining, fulfilling and
rewarding. Going to school can have the same affect; rewarding, fulfilling,
fun and exciting.

When you go to school, be it elementary, middle, high school or college, it
is important to go the extra mile, work as hard as it takes to make and
maintain good grades so that you can obtain all the wisdom and knowledge
available to you as a student. Wisdom and knowledge are two key ingredients
necessary in and throughout your life. These two ingredients will help to
build a rock solid foundation for you and your future.

Education is a tool that will enlighten almost every area of your life.
Education will empower you; it will encourage and motivate you to go the
extra 100 miles that promises to equip you with the skills and abilities to
fulfill your dreams and your goals.

If you work hard, form good study habits, commit yourself to the time
needed to study for that next test of writing an essay or multiple choice,
you are guaranteed to get the highest form of an A possible that will
motivate you to continue on the path of doing your very best in every
subject in school, even in your weakest subject.

During your junior year of high school, it is time to start preparing for
college; taking the SATs is an extremely important part of that process.

Your grades, along with your SATs scores will tell the college admissions
board just some information about you as a student, but it won’t tell all
because it is impossible to know what you are capable of just by reading
test scores. Your personal statement and resume will help to serve as a
forum of much needed information when it comes to determining whether or
not you will be admitted to the colleges you have applied to. You already
know how committed you are and just how hard you’re willing to continue to
work; all you’re asking for is an opportunity to show the schools that yes,
you are an intelligent individual because you realize that it is going to
take hard work, commitment and with all of the challenges awaiting you,
dedication; you are willing and prepared to dedicate yourself to YOUR
educational goals, again guiding and leading you to a bright future.

Education is important. The importance of it cannot be stressed enough.
Education will open doors for you; it will position you in a high position
in a promising career; it will take you to heights you never imagined;
education will show you the way to go!

So if the NBA awaits you, that’s great, but with a sound education, the
possibilities are endless. If you want to experience all that the world has
for you and the wonders in it, education will show you the way to go!

Written by Cynthia G. Boyer