Pour It Out & Over Into

Pour It Out & Over Into


Whatever you’re holding onto to, let’s get ready to pour it out and over into your business and let that ripple, domino effect get ready to bless your fellow sisters!  You can then sit back, relax and watch your business flourish like a flower touched by the rain and sunshine that we all know it needs to help the beautiful hues come to light!I’ve got quite a few things going on; what about you?  What special qualities do you possess that you would be so graciously willing to share with other women who long to prosper.  We’re in business to empower, enhance and share our passions, gifts and talents with other women to help benefit their business, but in what way(s) can we make that happen?  I have a few answers.  What about you; what can you bring to the table to help prosper other women.  Let’s get together  to spread our wisdom amongst the many women who are just coming through the door to learn new things to help them grow in business.

I’ll get this movement started; I’ll pour it out and over into my business, which will then run over into all of the other businesses of my mountain moving sisters!

Marketing:  I’ve got a knack, a real gift for design.  I love it!  It has become my passion.  I’ve taken my design skill, with the help of God’s Holy Spirit, and I am using it in the area of marketing.  So, if anyone needs marketing materials, I would be more than happy to share what I call my expertise; designing those eye-catching, attention getting materials.  Please email me for more info:  cyndisdesignz@gmail.com

There are many elements of truth that, as entrepreneurs, we must explore if we are to embrace and enjoy success.

One of the most important elements includes God’s commandment that we should display and demonstrate in our lives each and every day.  As we look to and work towards our litany of dreams and aspirations, God commands us to love Him with all heart, soul, mind and strength.  The other element of truth is to seek God’s Kingdom.  “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.
If you truly want to enjoy the success that God has planned and designed exclusively for you, it is important that you put Him first in your life.  Seek His kingdom and live righteously.  When you seek God’s Word, the Kingdom and the voice of the Lord diligently through faith, you will begin to experience a wealthy, healthy and successful lifestyle filled with an abundance of God’s blessings which includes true prosperity.

Being able to enjoy real success is what many people long for.  Making a lot of money is a dream of many individuals.

So how do you measure success?  Do you, your family and/or friends measure success by how much money you make, where you live and the kind of car(s) you drive?  One key ingredient that is essential to any business, growth, management and maintenance is 


When you have the ability, the skill, the talent and the gift, recognizing that these are blessings given to you by God, it simply means you are equipped with the necessary tools to do anything, and as long as you have mountain moving faith in Jesus Christ, you can accomplish your dreams, your goals and your aspirations.
Pouring your passion out and over into your product or service and pouring it into the creation of your business, you are on your way to exploring an aspiring journey and an experience of a lifetime.  Pouring your passion into your business will help you to advance your work as you paint a portrait of your path to your success, prosperity with an abundance of God’s wonderful and amazing blessings.

Women in business share some of the same ideas, goals and dreams.  Sharing is caring and caring is giving and through sharing, caring and giving, we form a network of SCG.  Through networking, we encourage and lift up one another.  Through our knowledge and wisdom we then touch and bless the businesses and lives of other women.

Women in Business take their passion to a level that promises growth, present and future, success and prosperity.

Women in business impact the world like no one else and through faith, nothing is impossible.  Women in business believe in themselves and their dreams; when you believe, you achieve and then you receive; you receive all the rewards and joy that is rooted in your passion.

Women in business are dedicated, committed and encouraged to take their God-given abilities to enhance their businesses which pours over into their lives.  Women in business seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the rewards God has awaiting them is manifested in their businesses.

There is no better way to grow, promote and manage any business than through passion, and with faith in Jesus Christ, women are moving mountains!

As women in business work to grow their businesses, they prosper because Women in Business Prosper Through Wisdom!

Be blessed.