Living Your Passion

I am an entrepreneur who loves using God’s gift to bring Glory to His great, holy, righteousness and sweet name.  My creativity is an integral part of who I am as a servant of the good Lord.  Great and wonderful is He.  He is awesome and so truly amazing and I love to share my gifts, creativity and special skills with other people so that they may see just how much He richly blesses me through all that I am able to accomplish with His Holy Spirit living on the inside of me always working to help me in some way in my life; the little ways He helps me are gigantic!

Working as a Christian and inspirational artist, I am amazed at how the Holy Spirit speaks to me when He tells me it’s time to create a masterpiece.  When the Holy Spirit prompts me to make a unique masterpiece, at that very moment and no matter what I’m doing I heed His every word and I wisely use His instructions to design whatever He lays on the table of my heart.

I am also a poetess.  I love writing for the Lord and about the Lord.  It seems that when I am awakened by the blast from the Lord’s nostrils, I am awakened to a new poem with words lovingly flowing from my heart, I begin to write which usually occurs on Saturday and Sunday mornings for some reason.  I love it and I live my life for the Lord thy God.  It is He who gives me the power to get my wealth and a wealth of creativity and talent lives on the inside of me.

My passion burns deep inside me.  It is the fuel and heartbeat of my life that pours over into my business.

If you’re passionate about the gifts God has given you, you should be building a strong foundation on which you can stand and be proud of.  If you’re in business and you’re doing what you love it will make it that much easier for your business to grow and prosper.

To God be all the glory!


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