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We Are Beyond Honored to Feature GVWE’s Newest Member

Lisa Jackson

She’s An Entrepreneur. She’s An Enterprise!

This month we’d like to introduce to you, Lisa Jackson, school teacher and brilliant entrepreneur. Lisa knows how to maneuver her business in an effort to have streams of money constantly flowing into her business. Lisa is a Traci Lynn Jewelry consultant who enjoys working her jewelry business every chance she gets which is everyday! She utilizes all the tools available to her from Facebook posts, Facebook live and her Facebook group. Lisa is on a nonstop journey and works diligently and faithfully to ensure not only her success, but that extra income that has blessed her life richly. Read more about Lisa here!

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Lisa Jackson

We are elated to share with you GVWE Monthly Newsletters. 

Here we offer wealth, along with priceless information to bless you and your business.  It is our sincerest hope that you take this valuable information and apply it to your life for your business.

This month we introduce to you,

Lisa Jackson.  Please click the link just below to read Lisa’s story.  We believe you will enjoy it. 


God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs, you are Women in Business Prospering Through Wisdom (LLC).  You are awesome women of God. You have the phenomenal ability to excel in everything you do.

Truly amazing, you possess life changing power that goes beyond your own strength. You have the unique power to conquer the world. You have the intelligence and wisdom, along with your life and work experiences, to build greatness from your brilliance.

You write the story because you are the story. Your path, the very foundation on which you stand, is where God has lovingly positioned you.  His principles are your compass; it is where you begin your journey and it is the component that takes you step- by-step into your purpose helping you to live out God’s plan for your life!

You are empowered by the Spirit who lives within you, to birth the vision, that empire that has your brand stamped, carved and etched deep in every aspect of it.

You’ve invested your time implementing the pieces and all the things necessary and appropriate to help you along the way. 

You have formed, from those who trust you, business relationships through the model you have created for yourself.  Long-lasting and meaningful partnerships that have helped you to network and connect with like-minded and marvelous women just like yourself.

You are a pioneer, a born leader who guides and directs other women who desire to walk around in the garden of your heart to get a glimpse of what it is like to be you.  They want to glean what they can and apply it to their own businesses so that they, too, can enjoy great lasting success.



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