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tell her vision

You envision something great for your life because you are phenomenal.  There is greater in you.  You have dreams of starting a business.  You dream of offering a service. You aspire to offer a much needed, life-altering product.   You’ve written out all the necessary components to make your dream come to fruition.  This is where you begin building the foundation for your business.  You see yourself as a real entrepreneur who has the potential to create your own wealth with the tools God has bestowed upon you.  Perhaps it’s a gift basket business or maybe your ultimate goal is to become a personal trainer or maybe a Christian business coach.  Whatever it is that you aspire to be/do, the important thing is to believe that you can and we want to help you.

We want you to share your vision with our audience and to maybe even be a help to someone who is trying to create their own entrepreneurial path for their own personal journey and reasons.

We’ve created a brilliant platform that will allow you to do just that.  It is called Tell Her Vision.

We are offering all female entrepreneurs a chance to Tell Her Vision for one full year for the wonderful price of $25.00 here at GVWE.

We like to think of Tell Her Vision as your own television show where you will receive great exposure to help you to grow your business like never before.  Think of how much your audience will enjoy reading and hearing all about your much needed product or service.  

Here’s What You’re Going to Get for $25:

A full page exclusively for you listing your business which will allow you to include a full bio and picture, along with any banners and logos of your business you may have or want to include.  You will also be given the opportunity to add your website, email address and anything else that pertains to your business. You’ll also be able to upload any videos you may want to share with your television audience!   Authors are welcome also!

Here are just a few of our female entrepreneurs who are doing great things with their own Tell Her Vision Show! We have a long list of entrepreneurs who are starting their own Tell Her Vision Shows.  Will you be next!  

Bridget Tutt McCray

Aja Muir

Tell us about your vision and we will help bring it to life!

The form below will allow you to make your payment through Paypal.  When we have received your payment we will setup your Tell Her Vision Show immediately because we want to help you take your business to the next ten levels!

Thank you.

All for His Glory






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