God’s Promise of Provision

 Your Financial Blessing


God’s Wonderful Promise of Provision

God’s Promise of Provision is the Law of the Land.

A True Gift of God’s Great Blessings of Financial Wealth,

 Financial Prosperity and Financial Security.

 Written by

 Cynthia G. Boyer



If you are reading my book, God’s Wonderful Promise of Provision, be prepared to receive God’s greatest and most wonderful financial blessings for your life.

I wrote this book because I wanted to share and give a profound testimony about my life and just how God has Opened the Windows of Heaven to pour out financial blessings into my Christ-centered life.  God has tremendously blessed me with an abundance of His love that includes, not only financial blessings for me and my family, but blessings of peace, love, joy, true contentment and happiness as well.

God is constantly pouring out His blessings into my life; amazing awe-inspiring blessings that I believe are going to be a blessing to you and yours.


In my book, you will find out how to receive your financial blessings that the Lord has graciously stored on His Throne for your life.

Financial Security

Financial security is a goal many people work towards achieving. They try their hand at this and that, but the money just never seems to manifest and if it does, it’s often a very slow process. Some people buy expensive books, enroll in empty promise courses, attend seminars in hopes of learning how to reach their financial success, but it all seems to be just a dream we often chase and chase, never seeing any real results when it comes to making money.  

In today’s society, financial security is a necessity.  Financial security is just one goal you work towards to ensure a secure future for you and your loved one(s), but can you really obtain and attract financial wealth into your life?  Absolutely, you certainly can, but how can I make this happen you ask.  

Increasing your finances is easy when you have the one thing you need to help you to reach your financial goals and that one thing is FAITH. You can easily obtain financial security when you have faith, believe and stand on God’s promise to prosper you.  Financial security is the blessing of finances that God gives you that encompasses you with true peace and true peace brings a sense of sheer happiness.

The Financial Struggle Is Over

Many people struggle financially for different reasons.  Low paying jobs are sometimes the result of lack of education.  Lack of education often limits your knowledge, ability, skills and wisdom to get the job promotion you have longed for.  Not having a college degree often prevents you from not only seeking and pursuing other employment opportunities, but it sometimes forces you to lie dormant in your present situation.  It could be due to fear and it could be because your confidence is so low that you don’t have enough faith in your ability to move forward taking the next step up the ladder to live the extraordinary lifestyle God has designed for you, but not having a college degree should not dictate the way you live your life..no, not ever.


It is extremely important to understand and remember that just because you may not have a high powered job that demands high pay, does not mean that you cannot achieve financial prosperity that leads to financial security.  Your financial security comes from God, not man.  You should not be dependent upon your job to provide you with financial security.  It may never happen.

God wants to bless you with the extraordinary life He knows you deserve. You are His child.  His eternal presence and unconditional love guides and directs you on His path of righteousness that leads you to His Promised Land for your financial security.  He wants to give you the desires of your heart, but first you must delight yourself in the Lord, commit everything to Him and then rest in the knowledge that it is God, not you, that has everything under control.  He has all power in His Hands. He is going to bless you. This I know for sure.

Every day my focus was centered around making money and nothing and I mean nothing was happening.  I was expecting money to flow into my life, but my thinking was all wrong; completely wrong.  I will be brief and to the point here.

I knew God had given me the knowledge to create my own wealth, but I lacked understanding.  It wasn’t until I shifted my way of thinking that my entire life began to change and not just in the area of making money, but overall my entire life was changing in a powerful way.  I became much more confident.  I started to see my design business grow in a matter of just one day.  I became this powerful woman who finally believed in myself, in my skills and my abilities.  I knew that I was capable of doing anything.  And this is how I did it.

Affirmations; Plain and Simple, They Work

I began speaking affirmations over my life.  I began to encourage myself.  It was exactly what I needed.  I thought to myself, “This is beyond easy”.  You see, we make things harder than they have to be.  God makes things easy for us, but we, for some reason, have a tendency to complicate things.  I began speaking affirmations over my life.  I changed my attitude.  I changed my feelings.  I reprogramed my thoughts, my feelings and everything in my life.  I began saying powerful, life changing affirmations over my life on a daily basis:


These 12 affirmations have been a true blessing to me, changing the course of my life, but speaking these 12 affirmations daily into my life wasn’t all that I did. I began thanking God more and more throughout my day.  Thanking Him 24:7 because I realized that He has equipped me with all the tools I needed to be successful and to have an abundance of money.  I used to think that it was wrong to ask God for money or to even want a lot of money, but it’s not wrong.  God has given me the power to create my wealth and along with the power, I have the above affirmations, along with God’s promise of provision, in addition to His word to live the amazing lifestyle that I want to live.  It’s not just about the money either.  It’s about contentment, happiness, joy, peace and it’s about having a relationship with God.  It’s all about having strong faith in God.  It’s about honoring God and living my life for Him and along with shifting my way of thinking, blessings are constantly being poured into my life.  I know it’s not easy to think positive especially when you’ve been programmed to think negative all your life, but it can be done.  Shifting your mind and staying in a state of euphoria is a wonderful thing, but you have to focus.  Focus on one thing.  For me, it’s my design and tee-shirt business.  Also, when you’re working from a place of pure excitement doing something you love, trust me, the money will come.  Always think positive thoughts.  Be happy.  Be joyful.  Be thankful even through the storms give God thanks and be happy because He is in control of your life.

Your financial wealth will come to you when you begin to shift your mind.  Speak encouraging words over your life.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  Speak from your heart and then you will know that what you speak is true because the Holy Spirit will be speaking to you.  When you change the way you think, amazing and grand things will start to happen.

When I shifted my thinking emails began pouring in from potential customers who became my customers.  My design business went to a whole new level of prosperity.  I was creating and designing logos and my customers loved my work.  This is the definition of success for me.  Not how much money I made from the job, but how much my customers loved and appreciated the masterpieces that I created for them.  The money just seemed to flow right to me.  I was attracting money from every corner of the universe and you can do the same.

Stay tuned.  There is much more to come.  I want you to receive an abundance of financial blessings that you deserve.  You can have it all and I want to see you with it.

Just A Little Bit More

You really can live your life here on earth as if you were living your life in Heaven; serene, no pressure, no fear, no worries and no financial burdens?  Living your life in obedience to God can and will help you to live a financially free lifestyle.  Debt-free. Your great riches come from the Hands of God, a real blessing of profound financial prosperity.

Because the Lord endures forever, His unconditional love for you endures forever also.  In God’s love He has stored an abundance of gifts along with tremendous blessings for you.  He is waiting to give you a financial increase because of all the seeds you have sown.  God has touched your harvest, watered it for growth and prosperity and now you are financially secure. God is  Sovereign, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Immutable and Eternal God of the Universe.  He loves us and has our best interest at heart.  He is equally concerned about our well-being which includes our finances.

Your Financial Wealth

Please recite this wonderful and loving prayer three times a day remembering to give Glory, Honor and Praise, Magnifying the Name of the Lord in all that you do and say.

From your heart to God’s Throne, send this prayer of thanksgiving to your Father:

Dear God:

I, ____________________________, thank you for Your Wonderful Promise of Provision that blesses me with an inheritance of financial wealth and like manna raining from Heaven You open the windows of Heaven and pour out my financial increase.  From the Heart to the Hands of Jesus Christ, You perform a financial miracle that gives me financial prosperity and by the Power of the Holy Spirit, You grant me financial favor that contains a financial breakthrough and with Your Everlasting Love and Your Wonderful Promise of Provision I have received financial security.

I thank you, Father, in the Powerful and Precious Name of Jesus Christ, for blessing my finances and for Your Wonderful Promise of Provision.  Amen.

Written by

 Cynthia G. Boyer

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