Dressler Smith – The Blessed Word

Hello God's Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs,

Dressler Smith

We're elated to introduce to you, Ms. Dressler Smith.  She will be delivering words of blessings to lift you up and to help you to always be encouraged. We hope you enjoy Dressler's readings as she reads so beautifully all to the glory of God the Father.

Dressler's Story

Dressler Smith is a painter and pastel colorist who favors tranquil landscapes and ethnic images, crediting the inspiration of her art to “the beauty of things created by God and not by man.” She captures that beauty in a way which invokes both awe and reverence, and is designed to touch the human spirit.

Many of her works focus on landscapes of sunrises, morning light and morning skies which, for her, symbolize new beginnings. She has chosen pastel as her primary medium because of its vibrancy. The clean, rich colors of pure pigment, combined with her affinity for nature and all things spiritual, result in landscapes filled with peace and tranquility, and a place to start anew.

In addition to her work as a painter, Dressler is developing recognition as an artist in designing stained glass windows. A sample of her stained glass designs, Sunday Morning, created for St. John Baptist Church in East Camden, NJ, is available on this site. Currently, she is designing stained glass windows for the First Nazarene Baptist Church in Camden, NJ, and for the Asbury United Methodist Church in Woodlynne, NJ.



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