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Coloring Your Canvas with Light and Purpose!

Cyndi's Light Work Designs

Cynthia G. Boyer, Creative & Inspirational Designer

Designs. Passion. Cyndi is a self-taught graphic designer and creative artist.  She is highly passionate about creating and designing unique masterpieces for her customers.   When Cyndi enters into her design studio, it is then that the therapy begins and the day in her life takes on a whole new meaning.  See for yourself all the passion, love and creativity Cynthia pours into her works of art.  She loves it and hopes you will too!!!!

The Lord has chosen to place His name and shine His glory upon the dreams, visions and goals of Cynthia G. Boyer.

Cyndi is a self-taught graphic designer whose passion illumines her business.  Here is a portfolio of some of Cyndi's finest pieces of artwork. 


Warming Hearts. Transforming Homes.

Cyndi's Light Work Designs offers beautiful artwork that colors your canvas with light and purpose.

Cyndi's Light Work Designs offers the very best in graphic design.  Designed to touch lives, warm hearts and transform any room in a home or office, our stunning collection of light work designs and inspirational wall art is both beautiful and uplifting. Cyndi's Light Work Designs are some of the most beautiful and captivating creations in the world.

Create a warm glow in your home with brilliance and beauty along with vibrant hues accompanied by positive and life-changing messages that resonates and truly speaks to the heart, mind, spirit and soul. Our elegant gallery of wall art has the power to enrich your life when you hang them in a place close to your heart where you can read them every day allowing their encouraging words to sink deep into your soul to empower your life.

A Touch of Elegance Inspired by Love

Unique, magnetic and deeply awe-inspiring, Cyndi's Light Work Designs are timeless works of art that can be framed to embrace and enhance the beauty of each design.

Gifting, Sunshine for the Soul

Cyndi's Light Work Designs make gifting easy for many special occasions including Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays and more.

Cyndi's Light Work Designs enjoys bringing light and purpose into your life through our inspirational wall art that speaks elegance, vibrance and beauty. We color your canvas with light giving it purpose!

Cyndi is also the owner of Rubies in the Garden, a sanctuary of hope and encouragement for women that houses an array of gifts for hearts of women.

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