Women in Bright Lights


womengroup-of-3-woman-smilingGVWE Presents Women in Bright Lights!

Women in Bright Lights.  Yes that’s you God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs.   

One of our many goals here at GVWE is to help women entrepreneurs to shine!  We do this by offering full pages to the entrepreneurs who have shown their dedication to their craft.  It is our sincerest hope to be a blessing to other Christian women in business.  We do this in so many powerful ways.  

We created Women in Bright Lights  to showcase the God-given talents and gifts of these phenomenal women as they consistently hone their crafts because women entrepreneurs are brilliant in business and courageous in life!

Bold, phenomenal and simply sensational which makes you the success you are, you have what it takes to always be brilliant in business.  

Women business owners are amazing women who love to do business God’s way.  Applying His truths and principles to their business is the reason for their enormous success!!!

Women in business have created a class of their own and are making enormous strides in business.  Savvy women business owners are doing the awesome by sharing their products and services like never before to change and prosper lives.

The world has opened her arms to embrace Christian Women Entrepreneurs.  As they brand and build their empires there is nothing that can come close or even compare to God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs! 

Intelligent, wise and full of knowledge with the understanding to create their own wealth, God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs are the light that illumine the world of business.  Our entrepreneurs consist of writers, authors, graphic artists, inspirational and motivational speakers, crafters, website creators/builders and more!  What is your specialty?

It is our honor to feature women in the world of business in an effort to help grow their business and look who we found!

When we found Graphic Designer, Cyndi Boyer, we were excited to share her unique works of art and her business, Cyndi’s Light Work Designs; Coloring Your Canvas with Light and Purpose.





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