About Me

My Love for God with a Compassion for Others.

cynthia21-e1306112419338My name is Cynthia G. Boyer and I am the founder and happy owner of God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs.

My mission and ultimate goal for GVWE is to help the host of women who are already in business as well as for those women who long to start a business of their own by fully utilizing their God-given gifts and talents along with their ability to create the most awesome and unique business in the entrepreneurial arena.

Through the use of the knowledge I have obtained over my years as a work-at-home mother, I truly believe that I can make an impact, an enormous difference in the lives of women entrepreneurs.  I realize and understand that as a Woman of God, it is essential that I help to build a rock-solid foundation for women who dream of accomplishing their dreams while serving the Lord thy God.

It is my vision to assist women entrepreneurs in growing and promoting every aspect of their business through advertising on my website, sharing those special tools I’ve been so richly blessed to use in my own business, in addition to tips and strategies that promises success for all women.  It is my hope that women entrepreneurs will be able to not just see the fruits of their labor, but to also enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling, prospering and thriving business they’ve always dreamed of and truly deserve as Women of God.  This for me, is just one way I live my life to the fullest.  The other way I live my life to the fullest is by being an obedient servant to God, cleaving unto Him and walking in all His ways all the day of my life.

It is my hope that my heart will touch yours in some small way, helping you to create a path filled with hope and greatness and as long as you realize that the sky is the goal, your business will always soar!